Project Info

Frequently, companies will contact us to build something that exists in the mass market but isn’t quite right for their needs.   Kirksey Architects had a client, AVEVA, with this exact situation.

The client wanted a shelving unit to be used as a dual sided room divider visible on either side of their employee breakroom space. We went through about four or five iterations before we arrived at the end product. The final piece is made up of marine plywood, custom stained to match the room’s plastic laminate, and powder coated white steel.
One of the challenges we faced is that the unit is one fully welded structure and a total of twelve feet long.  This posed difficulties with navigating freight elevators and tight turning radiuses in corridors. Furthermore, obstacles can arise when fitting wood panels to metal by hand. There is always some inherent variation. For as simple as it looks it was actually quite a challenging piece to execute.
When off the showroom floor won't do.