Crown Castle

Project Info

Before this project we knew nothing about fiber optic cable but we quickly learned!

Abel Design Group reached out to us for fiber optic cable art feature walls for their client, Crown Castle. Crown Castle is the business of fiber optic cables. The client wanted seven of its office floors to have these fiber optic panels on either side of the breakroom.

In addition to the breakroom panels, we created a larger feature wall in their reception area, spanning 13’ high x 38’ long. There are a lot of learning curves when it comes to working with fiber optic cables.  For instance, it is not very stretchy and does not have any give. The wood frame was also a giant learning curve. So much work went into making it. It looks like such a simple design, but it was actually quite labor intensenive. We think that’s probably a sign that you did something well.
Simple, yet complex: Our first time using fiber optic cables.