Turner Construction

Project Info

Turner is a global construction company with its beginnings tied to steel rebar (in fact, they invented it!) Our project for Turner was created in collaboration with international design firm, Gensler, to create a custom feature wall for this construction company’s new office.

The logo wall that we designed looks super simple, but it was both mentally and physically intensive. One of the biggest challenges was getting the pieces into the space. The steel wall that we created is made up of panels and all together is 10ft tall and 23ft long. The next step was a gabion wall – a “box” filled with rocks typically used as a structural element.  We designed this one to be constructed with re-bar, the company’s signature product. We built it offsite and rolled it into the building on furniture dollies. Holy cow, was it heavy!  Finally, the waterjet cut logo panel was applied on top of the gabion wall. One of the last-minute additions we made was adding color changing led lighting.
For the cubicle runs, the designer specified felt panels, which were sourced from FilzFelt. In order to arrange the felt walls in front of each row of workstations, we created custom steel supports. Additional projects for this client include wood ceiling panels in their board room and steel shelving in their private phone rooms.
An interior logo wall that plays to Turner Construction's signature product— re-bar.